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    Hard Line 55

    Hard Line 55

    Karnasch Hard-Line tungsten tipped cutter.

    These core drill offer the best value for money for almost all materials.


    • Drilling in hardened steel up to 40 Rockwell(HRC)
    • Drilling in all sorts of stainless steel
    • Drilling in most difficult alloys (Hardox/inconell/titan)
    • Drilling also excellent in all non-ferrous materials such as alu,copper,brass

    The Karnasch carbide tipped core drills (Hard-Line) are made in an elaborate pre-/intermediate-/after-cutting geometry.

    This results in:

    • Clatter-free
    • Silent and easy cutting with highest lifetimes.
    The Karnasch carbide tipped core drills are exclusively equipped with sandvik carbide teeth.